Course Description

"Getting Started with Bike Fitting" is for bicycle retail store owners and managers who are considering offering bike fitting as a service available in their store, or expanding their current bike fitting service.

The presentation discusses the factors to consider in deciding if and what services to offer.

This is not a "how to" course. No bike fitting skills are taught.

Owner, Fitter, Educator.

John Higgins

Like you, I really enjoy bicycling, and more so when I see other people enjoying bicycling. Nothing detracts from cycling enjoyment faster than attempting to ride a bike the wrong size, or having a bike poorly set up for the rider. I've been riding since my parents gave me a bike for my 6th birthday, but it wasn't until nearly 40 years later while working in bicycle retail that I really understood the importance of bike sizing and bike fitting. Yes they are different things. I've now ridden bikes (many types), sold bikes, sized up riders' for bikes, established a bike fitting studio, fitted bikes, and now am an owner of Fit Kit Systems, which was the first business to bring science and education to bike fitting in the USA, starting back in the early 1980's. I enjoy keeping abreast of developments in bike fitting through attending conferences and talking to other fitters, but my greater satisfaction comes from teaching fitting to others and sharing my insights and experience. If you can't make it to a face to face, hands-on workshop, an online course is a good place to start. Enjoy your ride, and help others enjoy theirs! John is a Level 3 member of the International Bike Fitting Institute; has taken courses and studied under a wide range of other notable bike fitters; and runs a full time bike fitting studio.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Bike Fitting Buzz

    • BFB.pdf

  • 2

    Who are your Customers?

    • customers.pdf

  • 3

    Bike Fitting Services

    • services.pdf

  • 4

    Tools and Tech

    • tools.pdf

  • 5

    Staffing and Training

    • staff.pdf

  • 6

    Marketing and ROI

    • marketing.pdf

  • 7

    Parting Words

    • wrap.pdf


5 star rating

Very informative!

Lawrence Pasierb

Very informative and useful! Well explained!

Very informative and useful! Well explained!

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5 star rating

Klonney Sanz